About Jula


The Designer Behind Jula

My name is Mariah, the creator and designer for JuLa Studio and I am glad you came by to visit. I reside in Central Texas where I am an active mother to three handfuls and wife to one amazing husband. When I am not at a kids game, watching sports on television, or web surfing for the latest design trends, you can find me reading a book with a cup of hot tea (a girl’s gotta relax sometime!).

How Jula Studio was born

From an old sketchpad, mounds of graph paper with home designs, to winning several competitions, it was clear from a young age that art and design was a passion of mine. After several years of studying art and photography, I took that gift from paper to the screen.

I have over 12 years experience in working with design and print. I love the challenge of combining my abilities with the fast paced world of online design. I love taking an idea and seeing it through each stage until its fruition.

What Jula Studio will do for you

As your future designer, I will be diligent in making you a satisfied customer. I will take your idea, mold it, and give you a final product that is print and screen worthy. I am a firm believer that you deserve to have a product that brings out the best in you and represents you well.

So take a look around. Check out my work and if you like what you see,

let’s get started!